1. Give In To Me

From the recording RESONATE


©2013 Anthony Snape/Lindsay Rimes All Rights Reserved.

Can't get from you what I need
You're keeping secrets from me
Your words have double meaning
But nothing you can say can stop me seeing through you

You pull my hand to your skin
Then say its not happening
You're mixing signals again
But I know what you want and theres no way you can hide it

I can see your consumed by a craving
By the love that we could be making
I'm the sweet in the taste of that recipe
You can try but theres no way to fight it
Can't deny you and I are the right fit
Theres no place in the this world that you gotta be
Give in to me

I can't slow down can't hold back
Bracing my heart for impact
You kiss you touch your teasing
I can see your eyes and they tell me that you want it.

Just when I got you I got you I got you figured out
You pull the trigger try to try to take me down
I know you better better than you know yourself
I know what you want and theres no way you can fight it.

Nothing else just you and I
I want you to stay tonight