1. Safety Zone

From the recording RESONATE


Safety Zone
©2013 A.Snape / L.Rimes All Right Reserved.

Cant feel a thing from the heart down baby
Blood is thickening in my veins
What did I do to deserve this coma
I've been cheated I've been framed

Woh-oh-oh oh oh oh Woh-oh-oh

Shut me on the outside
Blinded by the search light
for reasons I may never know
who oh woh oh
Shot down in the crossfire
while your on the inside
lying in your safety zone
woh oh woh oh

Breaking into your secret chamber
Chasing shadows through solid walls
Twisted whisper reveals no answers
Its a long way to fall

Can't feel a thing from the heart down baby
Severed love in a deadly game
Friction forces the hand unwilling
You'll never see it again