1. Defeated

From the recording RESONATE


©2013 A.Snape / C.Anderson All Rights Reserved.

You said I’ve been loving you too much
Somehow l could never be enough
I Suffocated
The way we made it was a lie
You didn’t know me at all

So I try to raise the sun up on own
You’ve left me for the last time in the dark alone
And I could play the victim here and lose myself surrender all I’m feeling
But I’m done
Being defeated

I know that your hearts been cut before
Bled out like a river on the floor
I tried to heal it I should have known from the start
You couldn't see me through the scars

I was right I was wrong
You were right you were wrong
in a wave I was caught
in the rush in your arms

In the moments we made
many honest mistakes
will never change all that I feel