1. Walking

From the recording Disappearing Day


Matt Scullion / Anthony Snape All rights reserved.

Nothing left to say don’t look back
You pushed me away move on move on
I can’t wait forever cause forever’s gonna take too long
You only love me halfway but I want it all or I want none

I’m tired I’m spent
This road is going no where fast
I’m done I’m gone
I’ve been walked on now I’m walking

Your voice fills my head calls my name
Every word you said haunts me taunts me
I gave you everything I had but everything was not enough
If only I could take the truth but then it hurts too much

I’m lost I’m burned
This road is going nowhere fast
I’m drained I’m through
I’ve been walked on now I’m walking I’m walking.

Save my love for someone else
Put my heart upon the shelf for another day

I’m strong I’m sane
This road has brought me back again
I’ve leant I’ve changed
I’ve been walked on now I’m walking
Tall No Fear
On my own and I’m not scared
I’ve learnt I’ve seen
I’ve been walked on now I’m walking.