From the recording Disappearing Day


Disappearing Day
© A.Snape / L.Rimes Control. All Rights Reserved.

Another dream without you
Your fading from my memory
You wouldn’t give a reason
I can’t believe you’ve nothing left to say

Another disappearing day
Another afternoon gone to waste
If the stars appear to fall to earth around you
Reality has slowly slipped away
If I fall will you catch me

One of these days I’m gonna fly
Give you up and sacrifice
Forget the life I left behind
Pack my bags and leave but I’m waiting for you
Still waiting for your La la la la la love

Emotionally divided
In a place forever holding me inside
My only inspiration
Were the words you left behind for me to find
Another disappearing day


Such a beautiful Day
Its gone without a trace

Another disappearing day
Another awkward resting place
And if I fall who’s to catch me