1. Come

From the recording Disappearing Day


© Control Anthony Snape/Matt Scullion All Rights Reserved.

Won't you come ride on the wind
Feel the forces within take you high
Let you out for a while

Won’t you come sail on the tide
Let the motion the sway carry you
To a far away shore

Won’t you come dance on the stars
Round the moon in my arms watch the heavens
Explode in the dark

Won’t you come
Open your mind forget who you are
Won’t you come
Out of the cold and into the fire won’t you come

Won’t you try reaching inside
Take a moment and listen to the voice
Deep in your soul

Won’t you come out on the edge
Feel the rush take you higher than you ever
Thought you could go

Dig in the dirt plant a seed feel the earth on your hands
Dig in the earth plant a seed feel the dirt on your hands